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Festive Hosting With Emily Slotte

In celebration of our Holiday capsule and in the spirit of the festive season, we spoke with photographer and stylist, Emily Slotte, about the joys of hosting an at-home holiday soirée. Whether it’s an intimate gathering with loved ones or a chic dinner party with friends - discover Emily’s go-to hosting tips below as she showcases party-ready dresses from our Holiday Capsule.

What are some of the joys of hosting a dinner party at home?

The joy of hosting a dinner party is being able to gather my friends and family all under one roof - to eat and drink together and watch everyone enjoy what I have cooked. That gives me so much energy!

Can you tell us about how you prepare for a dinner party? Any tips for ensuring the evening runs smoothly? 

Make sure to pick a menu that you know. When hosting a dinner party, you don’t want to stand in the kitchen all night and miss out on all the fun. Preparing food in advance minimizes the effort required during the evening. Something that I always do is involve the guests in the preparations and cooking. Someone can prepare a salad and another one can chop the bread or garnish the pasta. This creates such a warm and relaxed feeling.

How do you set the ambience and create a mood?

To create a nice mood for the evening, I would say that the key is music!

When it comes to table setting, what are your must-have styling items? (flowers, candles e.t.c)

Candles are a must-have for a cozy mood. Another thing is to always set the table with linen or cotton napkins. My styling changes through the seasons, and my main goal is for the table to not feel too strict. I always blend new things with vintage items for a nice, personal touch.

Your go-to playlist for background music? 

Oh I love jazz! Jazz gives a romantic kind of vibe that I love and it creates a warm feeling in the house.