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We feel extremely privileged to have a close relationship with each and every one of our suppliers - they are part of our extended family here at Posse and we’re so grateful for their ongoing support and dedication to our brand. 

Our suppliers share the same ethos as we do, to manufacture responsibly and ethically. With the help of our suppliers, we are constantly searching for better practices and more efficient ways of doing things to ensure we’re treading as lightly as we can.

Posse currently has partnerships with two suppliers located in both India and China. 

Our Woven Partners - India

Our Knitwear Partners - China

Our main suppliers are our woven partners who produce around 80% of our Posse garments. Our woven partners were one of the first factories in India to become carbon neutral. They also run an internal program which pays for the schooling of their employees daughters, allowing them to have access to an education.

Our factory certifications

Our factories are independently certified. They are audited on a regular basis to ensure their standards of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics are being met. 

Our Woven Partners - WRAP certification

Our Knitwear Partners - BSCI certification

The principles outlined in these certifications include but are not limited to;

1. Compliance with Laws and Workplace Regulations

2. Prohibition of Forced Labour

Prohibition of Child Labour

3. Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse

4. Compensation and Benefits

5. Fair working hours

Prohibition of Discrimination

6. Occupational Health & Safety

7. Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining

8. Protection of the Environment

9. Customs Compliance

10. Security

Our suppliers share the same ethos as we do, to manufacture responsibly and ethically.

Our Fabric Certifications

Here at Posse, we are committed to using a range of carefully sourced, luxury fabrications to ensure the highest standard of quality is being met. Our price points are a reflection of these premium fabrications alongside the quality, longevity and skilled craftsmanship of our products. 

With the help from our manufacturing partners, we are dedicated to using the most sustainable materials we can source. We work with a number of fabrications including OEKO-TEX linen, GOTS organic cotton, BCI cotton and responsibly sourced wool.

Our Fabric Certifications

OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 - All of the linens in our core range are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This means they are completely free from harmful chemicals and substances. Our linens are soft, breathable and get better with every wear.

GOTS CERTIFIED - (Global Organic Textile Standard) - A number of our Posse pieces are made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, from seeds which have not been genetically modified. Organic cotton uses 91% less water and emits 46% less CO2 emissions than conventional cotton, having a significantly better impact on both our people and our planet. 

RWS certification - Our knitted garments are made from RWS certified wool. This is a responsible wool standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on, ensuring fair treatment of animals as well as respect for the environment.

BCI certification- The Better Cotton Initiative is a set of on-farm best practices covering social and environmental issues like pesticides, water, soil health and wellbeing. Their aim is to make cotton farming a more climate-resilient, environmentally friendly and responsible business.