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Code Of Conduct

At POSSE, we are committed to working alongside suppliers who share the same ethos as we do, to manufacture responsibly and ethically. This kind of partnership means that everyone is working towards the same goal and vision, maintaining those same values to create and make a difference.

Our code of conduct outlines the minimum standards of ethical, social and environmental behaviour which must be met by POSSE and all manufacturing partners of POSSE. 

1. Prohibition of forced labour

POSSE bans any form of forced or involuntary labour within our business, and manufacturers and suppliers. Employment must be freely chosen, no person shall be forced to work against their will.

2. Prohibition of child labour

POSSE manufacturers and suppliers are prohibited to employ minors (defined as children under the age of 16). In cases where local legislation stipulates a higher minimum age, the higher limit shall apply.

3. Prohibition of discrimination or harassment

POSSE and their factories agree that any hiring, dismissal, allocation of work, wages or promotions - are made without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or other similar factors (pregnancy, political opinion or affiliation, social status, etc.). There shall be no discrimination or unfairness within the workplace.

4. Freedom of association & collective bargaining

POSSE and their manufacturers are to respect the decision of any employee to choose whether or not to join a workers’ association or union. Both the facility and the workers shall ensure they conduct themselves in accordance with all relevant laws in this regard. POSSE has no tolerance for bribery or corruption within business practices.

5. Prohibition of harsh or inhumane treatment

POSSE and its manufacturers and suppliers must treat their employees with the utmost dignity and respect. Under no circumstances will physical punishment, sexual or racial harassment, verbal or power abuse or any other form of harassment or intimidation be permitted. All staff and team members must be treated with respect, dignity, fairness and kindness at all times.

6. Occupational health & safety

POSSE partners must provide a safe and comfortable environment for all employees. All suppliers ensure their employees are provided with a safe and healthy work environment, including:

- Access to clean toilet facilities

- Good conditions of light

- Ventilation

- Fire prevention and safety

- Access to a clean, drinking water supply

- If accommodation is provided, it is clean and safe

- COVID safety measures and policies in place

- Additional thorough cleans of the facility

- Sanitiser available for all staff and necessary cleaning of the environment in line with COVID safety practices

- COVID deep cleaning where and if deemed necessary

- Masks available

- COVID plan in place for both employees and the company should there be an exposure

- Not subject to hazardous conditions

7. Wages

POSSE partners and practices ensure that a Global Standard for Living Wage is paid to all employees, partners, and contractors within the business. This living wage must allow employees to meet their basic living needs for themselves and their families.

globallivingwage.org defines a living wage as:

“The remuneration received for a standard workweek by a worker in a particular place sufficient to afford a decent standard of living for the worker and her or his family. Elements of a decent standard of living include food, water, housing, education, health care, transportation, clothing, and other essential needs including provision for unexpected events.”

8. Fair working hours

Hours of work must be fair and based on the agreement of employment between both parties. This must also comply with the national and local governing laws where the workers are employed and agreed upon within their employment contract. Regular breaks within the set working hours are provided and set based on the award or set government standard. Working hours must not exceed the set eight hours per day, or 40 hours per week at a full-time rate unless agreed on by both parties. Overtime must be voluntary (this must not be forced) and compensation or additional freedoms supplied by the employer based on what is fair. All employees must be treated fairly and equally.

9. Compliance with local laws

POSSE and all suppliers must conduct their business in compliance with all local laws and workplace regulations. This covers all labour and employment laws of those jurisdictions, as well as laws governing the conduct of business in general, including rules and standards of ethics dealing with corruption and transparency, and any relevant environmental laws.

10. Protection of the environment

POSSE and its suppliers must adhere to practises outlined in the POSSE Environmental Policy. Standards and requirements of the applicable local and international environmental Laws and Regulations must be respected at all times.

POSSE and its manufacturers and suppliers must freely communicate this Code to all employees and those in any way involved in the POSSE supply chain.

11. Modern Slavery Statement

POSSE stands by the notion that everyone, everywhere has the right to a life free from slavery therefore we do not condone Modern Slavery in any form. This includes the use of violence or coercion to recruit workers, forced or bonded labour, descent-based labour, child labour or any behaviour that undermines the freedoms or rights of a human being. 

POSSE does not tolerate Modern Slavery, we exist to ensure all people connected to the business are properly paid and work under pre-approved conditions. As per this acknowledgment, it is a requirement that our partners do not condone or operate any form of coercion that undermines the freedoms or rights of a human being. 


We require all POSSE suppliers to review, acknowledge and sign this code of conduct in writing prior to beginning a partnership with us.

Our Commitment

POSSE is committed to continually improving our standards of practice and foundations within the business.